Shipping and Logistics Iinformation

Shipping and Logistics Iinformation


01. What do I do if I have lab work to be sent?
Just inform us once you have pick up, then we will manage to send the courier to collect the shipment from your front desk.

We are providing logistics service with our logistic partners FedEX, Aramex and DHL.
02. How can I track my shipment?
We will track your shipment until you receive it, also we can provide the shipment number to you if needed.
03. Does it take a long time with the courier company?
Usually 1-3 days depends on the region for export and the same for import.

Pick up / delivery

01. How can I send a case with a physical impression?
- You can send the case by the courier to the following address: Blue Bay Tower, 10th Floor, 1020 Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

- We do not accept cases sent by normal mail or PO Box.
02. Can you assist me with the pick-up of my cases?
Yes, we can remotely book a courier to pick-up the case (additional charges applies of 150 AED or equivalent in local currency per pick-up)
03. Can I combine 2 or more cases in one pick-up?
You can combine up to 2 cases in a single pick up.
04. Which cities that requires a courier pick-up?
All over the world excluding Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
05. Do I need to schedule a courier for Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
No, we offer free pick-up and delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
06. What documents do I need to attach along with my case?
You need to attach the airway bill (received by email) and the Job Order.
07. Can I drop the case to any courier drop off office?
Only certain couriers are accepted for the drop off (DHL).

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